Food Working Group

The Food Working Group has been established as part of the Western Sydney Diabetes Prevention Alliance to bring together a number of organisations involved with the production, distribution, mapping, education and preparation of food within Western Sydney.

The aim of the group has been to improve the availability and affordability of fresh food as well as assisting our residents in minimizing waste and learning how to source and prepare nutritious meals. The objective has firstly been to identify areas where collaboration would be possible as many of the organisations are already doing outstanding things in similar areas and with similar populations. The subsequent goal has been to combine the group's resources to plan and initiate programs to enable and encourage an improved diet throughout the district.

We currently have organisations such as the University of Wollongong, UTS, Ozharvest, Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Gardens, Woolworths, Hawkesbury Harvest, Sydney Markets, Western Sydney Region of Councils, Harvest Hub, Jamie's Ministry, YMCA, Cancer Council and various school based programs such as Go4Fun and SALSA attending the group.

The Group has been meeting on a regular basis since November 2015. Suitable projects have now been identified and working parties established to bring these to fruition. These projects are incorporating mapping, education in food literacy and preparation, as well as a community based healthy eating/weight loss program.

Food Working Group
1 Anton Vanderburg, Director Harvest Hub
2 Fay Bushell, Regional Co-ordination Officer DPC
3 Thomas Astell-Burt, Director of Public Health and Health Sciences University of Wollongong
4 Gaby Banay, Support Coordinator Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation
5 Liz Joldeski, Acting CEO, Government and Community Engagement Manager Jamie's Ministry
6 Monique Cashion, Nutrition Manager Woolworths
7 Stephen Corbett, Director, Centre for Population Health WSLHD
8 Kathie Collins Consumer Representative
9 Judy Davie, Director The Food Coach
10 Janine Dawson, Diabetes Prevention Program Manager WSLHD
11 Dana Cordell, Research Principal, Institute of Sustainable Futures University of Technology
12 Xiaoqi Feng, Senior Lecturer in Epidemiology University of Wollongong
13 Jane Flemming, Director Live Life, Get Active
14 Kelly-Ann Gee, Media and Communications Officer WSROC
15 Jenni Hutchins, General Manager Children and Community Services YMCA
16 Nick Johnston, NEST Manager Ozharvest
17 Ian Knowd, Treasurer Hawkesbury Harvest Inc
18 Guada Lado, Regional Waste Coordinator WSROC
19 Professor Glen Maberly, Program Lead WSDPMI, Integrated Care WSLHD
20 Trish MacDougall, Sydney Nest Coordinator OzHarvest
21 Victoria Nesire, Director, Integrated Care WSLHD
22 Christine Newman, Deputy Director, Centre for Population Health WSLHD
23 Michelle Nolan, Go4Fun Manager, Centre for Population Health WSLHD
24 Doug Thompson, Principal Coordinator Sydney Department of Premier and Cabinet
25 Emma Ringland, Project Officer Cancer Council NSW
26 Katie Allison, Dietician Diabetes NSW
27 Nina Tan, Program Manager Cancer Council NSW
28 Ned Tesic, Public Relations/Brand Manager Sydney Markets
29 Dr Smita Shah, Director, Primary Health Care Education and Research Unit WSLHD
30 Jayne Travers, Director Harvest Hub
31 Christopher Ward, Senior Policy Officer NSW Ministry of Health
32 Alisa Wells, Director YMCA
33 Kathy Usic, CEO Glycemic Index Foundation
34 Susan Goldie, Executive Officer St Vincent de Paul Society
35 Ted Hartley Consumer Representative
36 Roza Sage, Government and Partnership Manager Diabetes NSW
37 David Banham, Regional Services Manager NSW Farmers
38 Warwick Neilley, Partnerships and Development Consultant Kildare Road Medical Centre
PHN Western Sydney Diabetes NSW NSW Health