Co-ordinating The Partners

An Alliance has been set up between government, health and a number of sectors to address the social determinants of diabetes in Western Sydney.

As part of our 'all of community approach', an Alliance has been set up between government, non-government, universities and the private sector to address the social determinants of diabetes in western Sydney.

The objective of the Alliance is for member organisations to identify areas of mutual interest, collaborate and work on specific projects to improve the obesogenic environment of western Sydney.

Representatives from urban planning, property development, universities, government departments, population health, local government, community organisations, WSROC, Diabetes NSW, and education have combined efforts to map, identify gaps and implement initiatives to improve the local environment.

These organisations have been involved in a number of activities including geo-mapping, screening to identify high risk individuals, the promotion of Get Healthy and other lifestyle programs, application for research grants, preparation of Position Papers, altering the food available in hospital settings, signing councils to the Walk 21 Charter and increasing the scope of education programs.

There are currently 140 member organisations making up the Alliance.

"Our primary function is to care for people in need and to find practical and feasible ways to assist our citizens to experience the best possible health. This requires us to take hold of the hands of other social agencies such as education, community services, transport, and planning to advocate for better and safer environments, more walkways and parks in our suburbs, more community interaction, fewer liquor outlets and easier access to fresh food. No other way exists to deal definitively with the massive problem of diabetes."

Professor Leeder, Chair of Western Sydney Local Health District Board
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