Diabetes NSW/ACT - Education Programs

Diabetes NSW & ACT offer education programs in Western Sydney that are free to anyone registered on the National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS).

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Shopping for Good Health

Make shopping for healthy food easy. Join a group workshop led by an Accredited Practising Dietitian from Diabetes NSW & ACT. In this workshop, you will learn how to read food labels and get advice on making healthier food choices when shopping. This workshop will also cover interpreting food labels, nutrition claims and symbols to look for, and shopping survival tips.

Living with Insulin

If you are new to insulin or have been on insulin for a while and would like a refresher, this program is for you. The Living with Insulin program provides practical information presented by Diabetes NSW & ACT health professionals. Learn about correct injection techniques, products and supplies, sharps disposal, diet and insulin, and more.

Annual Cycle of Care Screening

Diabetes changes over time and can lead to complications that affect your kidneys, eyes, feet or heart. The Annual Cycle of Care is designed to assist you in keeping your diabetes care on track. Diabetes NSW & ACT health professionals will perform a number of tests and measurements including HbA1C (three month average of your blood glucose levels), cholesterol, kidney health check, foot examination, blood pressure, and weight.

Individual Health Information Session

At your individual health information session, you will get the time to sit with our health professionals one-on-one and ask any questions you have about your
diabetes. The appointments are 45 minutes long which gives you 15 minutes each with a diabetes educator, dietitian and exercise physiologist. These appointments give you the chance to speak with professionals who specialise in diabetes management free of charge. This is a great opportunity to discuss personal issues, gain a greater understanding of your diabetes and feel more confident in self-management.

Be Well with Diabetes Workshop

This half-day workshop provides three 45-minute, practical workshops run by Diabetes NSW & ACT health professionals. The sessions aim to provide you with skills to help you better manage your diabetes and gives you the opportunity to ask questions. The topics covered include diabetes complications in the feet and foot care, know your food: practical information about eating well with diabetes, and how to exercise at home.

Building Healthy Meals

Build your knowledge on how to make recipes healthier, basic label reading and practical tips for the kitchen, including how to save yourself some money. The two hours covers healthy eating for diabetes, how to build a meal (including portion sizes and what food groups to include in a balanced meal), how to make cooking and recipes healthier, and does your recipe/meal need renovating, and how?


BEAT IT is an 8-week exercise program delivered in a supportive group environment by accredited exercise physiologists. An individualised exercise
program is designed for each participant. Once booked, your local BEAT IT trainer will contact you to arrange your initial assessment.

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