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A Reason To Act

Western Sydney is a diabetes hotspot with disease rates higher than the New South Wales (NSW) average. If this ‘hotspot’ is not addressed, within a decade it will cause an unsustainable economic and societal burden on the state’s healthcare system. Western Sydney faces some daunting issues as the social determinants of health that promote healthy eating, active living and social inclusion are not working favourably to prevent diabetes and its progression.

Western Sydney Diabetes (WSD) was established in response to the growing threat diabetes poses to our community’s health and wellbeing. It calls for all levels of government, the private sector and non-government partners to work together. WSD recognises that diabetes is everybody’s business and that partnerships between community health services, general practice, hospitals, specialist practices and allied health need to be improved so that people with diabetes or at risk of diabetes have access to more integrated and comprehensive diabetes services. Read more

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Western Sydney Diabetes celebrates 10 years
This year Western Sydney Diabetes will celebrate 10 years.
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