Masterclass Series 2023
Masterclass Face to Face Event – Oct 21, 2023
Western Sydney’s Diabetes Burden
Learn more about western Sydney’s diabetes burden
Western Sydney Changing Diabetes Lose 2kg Campaign Planning June 2023
June 19, 2023: Western Sydney Changing Diabetes’ ‘Lose 2kg – Beating Diabetes Together’ – Campaign Planning lunch.
Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) Advocate
Lindsay Donovan discusses why he recommends CGM to manage his diabetes.
WSD presentation to NSW Parliament
Presentation to NSW Parliament by Prof Glen Maberly
Mount Druitt Diabetes Community Clinic
The opening of WSD’s Mount Druitt Community Health Centre’s Diabetes Clinic, August 2020. Introducing a new model of care in diabetes management.
ABC News: Census Data results
Latest Census figures highlight that of the 219,000 people in Greater Sydney who have both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, 65 per cent live in western Sydney.
Ch 9 News: Detection Program at Workers Blacktown
Diabetes Detection Program at Workers Blacktown by Ch Nine Sydney
Diabetes Detection Program at Workers Blacktown
Learn more about what WSD is doing to detect diabetes in the community.
ABC Report on Western Sydney Diabetes – November 2021
Healthy Living Toongabbie
Meet the team from Healthy Living Toongabbie and learn more about how this proactive group was created.
HLT COVID Forum – Ask the Experts
Healthy Living Toongabbie COVID Forum – Ask the Experts.
Livin in a COVID World – Diabetes and COVID19
Dancing – The Potential Opportunity to Encourage Physical Activity
Dancing with Dipti
Western Sydney Diabetes 2020 Year in Review